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Motivating Video For Your Business Success

Hello All,

Welcome to this weeks post!

Are you ready to start getting your butt kicked??

I have found an awesome video for you to help motivate you.

This video is moving, it is inspiring and it will kick your butt!

Have you started your own business yet?

Do you want to start your own business but have no clue where to start?

Are you in a job your not happy with and don’t know what to do?

Do you feel lost in your working life a little and just don’t know what to do….

Then maybe this video below just might give you a little inspiration to believe in yourself and what YOU are capable of.

You need to DECIDE!

You need to BELIEVE! and…………

You need to take ACTION!

You need to create a PLAN and then act on that plan.

Watch the video below and then read my comments after wards……

The video runs for @8minutes and it is well worth it……..


“Motivating Video For Success”




So what did you think?


Ultimate Motivation No Excuses

Hello All,

It has been a very long time in between posts.

Life has taken quite a few twists and turns since I last wrote, some good and some not so good……

So as a gentle way of slowly coming back I thought I would share a motivational video with you I just found on “YouTube.” 😀

The video goes for @4 minutes and is a collection of some really motivational movie scenes put to music and quotes….


“Ultimate Motivation No Excuses”


So what did you think?

Ok so that is enough from me for now…….

I hope everything is going well for you where ever you are in the world….

So until next time……..

“One day, one hour, one minute & one task at a time will lead you to your dreams”

My Sig 😀

P.S If you want to see more motivational videos I have selected, click on this link here: “Motivational Videos”


I Have Gone A Little Underground…………

Design Mascot Contractor Wrench

Well Hello All,

Yes I now, it has been aaaaaaaggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss AGAIN!

I thought it was about time I write a very quick post to let you know what I have been up to……

Well to put it bluntly I have been working a lot behind the scenes and have technically gone underground for a while and yes my poor little blog has been neglected………


If you are on my mailing list you will know that I have not neglected YOU!

For the last few months I have been creating content, finding gifts to give away, plus creating some cool tool little videos exclusively for my subscribers……

I did mention in my post “2012 A Year Of New Beginnings” that my focus this year was going to be all about email marketing, getting to know my subscribers and list building and that is exactly what I have been doing.

I have been joining giveaways regularly and for those of you that are my subscribers you have been recieving weekly emails of the latest gift events happening plus a little update of my bimbo week! lol 😀


Raymond Aaron – 2011 Blueprint Seminar – Part 6B

Hello All,

Welcome to Part 6B of my summary of Raymond Aaron’s 2011 Blueprint To Success Seminar as part of my Internet Marketers Seminar Speakers Series’……….

Yes I know it has been awhile since part 6B, but we all need a little time away some time. I think Christmas, New Year and a couple of birthdays is a good excuse! 😆 hahahhahahaha

So for those of you following this series….. How did you find Part 6A??

(If you haven’t read part 6A yet click here: Raymond Aaron Part 6A)

What did you think of the first 8 steps to “How The Rich Get Rich In Business”?

If you liked those steps you are going to love the next part. I have a lot to get through so without any further comment, lets get started…………..

Raymond Aaron’s 2011 Blueprint To Success Seminar – Part 6B

In my last post in the Raymond Aaron seminar series we covered the first 8 steps in “How the rich get rich in business”, these steps can actually be used and adapted for any type of business both online and offline.


2012 A Year Of New Beginnings

Me & Bubba At A Picnic

Well Hello All,

Yes I know………..

It has been a very very long time in-between drinks……. Ooops I meant blog posts! lol 😆

How has everyone been?

Awesome I hope…………… 😀

I can’t believe it is 2012 already. 😯

Where did 2011 go!!!

Actually to be completely honest with you, I am kinda glad that the year is over.

It was a tough year personally for me and I came very close to giving up on everything all together.

However being the determined little turtle I am, giving up is not an option.

Instead I have just taken a step back (actually more like 10 steps! lol) over the last few months and re-evaluated everything.

Plus my little one has been pretty much home with me full-time since August (her part time day carer had a baby! :D) so my time online has been limited.

I mean REALLY limited!

There have been some weeks over the last 5 months where I was lucky to get online at all! 😯

I will be straight up here…….


Raymond Aaron – 2011 Blueprint Seminar – Part 6A

Hello All,

Welcome to Part 6 of my summary of Raymond Aaron’s 2011 Blueprint To Success Seminar as part of my Internet Marketers Seminar Speakers Series’……….

For those of you following this series….. How did you find Part 5??

(If you haven’t read part 5 yet click here: Raymond Aaron Part 5)

What did you think of the difference between strategic, heterogeneous and homogeneous alliances?

Are you using alliances to grow your business?

To be honest I don’t think any business can succeed in today’s economy with out using strategic alliances.

“No one can succeed alone!”

So are you looking forward to today’s post???

I have a big one lined up for you as today I am going to start covering Raymond’s teachings on ‘How The Rich Get Rich In Business’.

So with out further comment let’s begin………….

Raymond Aaron’s 2011 Blueprint To Success Seminar – Part 5

“Your wealth is determined by how fast you implement an idea!”

Are you an ideas person?

Do you act on your ideas?

Do you plan your ideas?