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Did You Complete The 100 Blog Comments Challenge?

100 Blog Comment Challenge

Hello All,

Just thought I would write a very quick post to keep you up to date on this lovely little 100 blog comment challenge! 😯

Little challenge I say? NOT!

This has been the most amazing ride I have had in a long time! It has been hard work, time consuming and very tiring!

My fingers are sore, my brain is completely drained and my eyes feel like they are hanging out of my head! 😐

Who knew what a little bimbo idea of mine could turn into! (Note to self: Let bimbo brain go to sleep for a week! I need a rest! :lol:)

This has been awesome, amazing, incredible and inspiring all at the same time!

The blogs that joined the challenge have been incredible, some of them full of content I got myself lost for hours!!

First I would like to say a very big THANK YOU so much to all of you that joined me in this challenge.

THANK YOU for believing in the challenge,

THANK YOU for promoting the challenge &

THANK YOU for honouring your commitment to the challenge.

I have been around to everyone’s blogs a couple of times over the last few days, taking a tally of the blog comments as I go. Some are missing comments, whether they have ended up in people’s spam folders or they haven’t checked their blogs yet I am not sure.

I do know it is holidays in the Northern Hemisphere right now so I am pretty sure some people are still on holidays too!

I also get the feeling a few people will still be blog commenting over the next few days to catch up. As long as everyone honours the challenge that is more my concern right now.

Getting people inspired to join the challenge was the easy part so to speak (Actually it was still hard and I thank everyone for promoting it to get everyone on board!).

Keeping people inspired to complete the challenge has been the hard part. 😉

It is actually up to the challengers the level of success this is in the end.

There has also been a couple of blogs playing up as well. We lost Craig Breeze (Was 95)  due to his blog going down so we replaced him with Ashwandra Michelle (101).

And as far as I can tell we are having problems with John Edward’s blog post (45), Jeremiah Carstephan’s blog post (59) and Shameka P’s blog post (50). Hopefully those blogs will be sorted out shortly.

I do plan on going around to everyone’s blogs again at the end of the week to do another tally of comments and do another round of social book marking for everyone.

(I have twittered everyone, however I would like to do some facebooking, digging and stumbling too! Just to share the challenge love a little more! :D)

Plus I also plan on writing a blog post in about 2 weeks time summarising the challenge overall honouring all those that completed the challenge and letting everyone know the final results.

For those of you that have completed the challenge I would love your feedback.

Should we do this again?

If so when do you think we should run it knowing the commitment that this challenge REALLY is and the time we need to honour it?

What would you change about it?

For example the length of the challenge, the amount of blogs, the type of blog post to contribute? Should the blog post be a new one?

I actually think everyone should submit a new blog post next time and one dedicated to their niche. What do you think?

What would you improve about it?

Have a dedicated website? Given more notice before joining? What rules would you introduce such as a commitment to visit 25 blogs each week or something like that?

What suggestions would you have to make it fun and inspiring?

Motivation type stuff? Regular posting etc etc

THANK YOU so much for an amazing yet very tiring month!

Hubby and bubba think I have glued myself to the computer. I think they need some cuddle time too! 😳

See you back here soon! 😎

Until next time……..

Happy Blog Hopping!

My Sig 😀

P.S If you are a current challenger I would love your feedback on the questions above. :)


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77 Responses to “Did You Complete The 100 Blog Comments Challenge?”

  1. Hi Jacinta,

    Well it congratulations time for you! Very well done. I have commented on every blog, and subscribed and I must admit my inbox has a panic attack every time I hit send and receive.

    I am surprised that everyone had the time to read my post it was over 3000 words long :-)

    What’s next then?

    1, Should we do this again? Yeah why not it’s not that hard :-)

    What would you change about it?

    2, you could categorise your blog into niches and add more blogs. This may work but some niches are bigger than others. Maybe a subject list to choose from??

    a, definitely a new blog post and one that provides good info for the guys to learn from.

    3, You could dedicate a forum to it, a facebook page as well. You could have in the forum a top commenter’s and top post section voted by the readers as a one to read? You could also fund the forum and your time by advertising blog products, plugins, themes etc.

    What about a post challenge say 10 per month to motivate!

    Hope this helps.

    Daniel Sumner last wrote about..Have you got a Virus – 5 Viral Marketing TechniquesMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you so much for the feedback I really appreciate it. 😀

    I would like to do this type of challenge again. I just want to work out a way to organise it better so it isn’t the massive workload. That’s why I thought of asking for feedback and if there is the genuine interest to do it again.

    Adding more blogs. In this case it would be the challenge of commenting on 101 blogs not receiving the comments. I like that! :)

    I totally agree on the new blog post and one that provides good content information related to the niche. There could be subtle selling, but not blatant promotion. :)

    The forum is a great idea, it has been suggested a couple of times now. I would want to look at monetizing it somehow, if not then I would want a team of people to work with me on this to share the workload! 😯

    I have been talking to a few people on creating some more challenges in different areas such as product creation list building, traffic generation etc etc I will keep you up to date there.

    I would like to do another challenge for October of some kind. Give us a couple of weeks off to digest this one first!

    Your feedback is awesome!

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  2. Hi Jacinta,

    Whew! Made it and am 1 day late! I loved that this commitment has gave me so much more useful information than any blog hopping I’ve done for a long time. While I felt I crunched the last couple of days, I was thinking of doing the same in writing a post about my experiences, what I’ve learned, the gems found. Who knows, compile it into an ebook to give to all our mates! Thus, promote it on my blog so that we can all build our subscription list. Well, in the works … going a bit too much huh?

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve found a couple of blogs I couldn’t comment on as I think my e-mail with .info could have produced something through the bot thinking I’m spam and also captchas that wouldn’t let me through.

    I would definitely do this again. This should be an ongoing thing with time factor being of concern for some, I think having a moderator or even a few team moderators whom the group can report to would help so that you won’t be doing too much thus, the work would be spread out but the hopping still continues. I don’t know, just an idea.

    Maybe a special forum for this on your blog or elsewhere so we can keep up and posted with one another. Brainstorm on a large scale? I know we have a lot of commitments but the more places we can meet to refine the process the better. Oh yes, Cheryl Ragsdale social bookmarking TGIF is a great place to share the love as well.

    Just some ideas. Let me know what you think!

    Thu Nguyen@BloggingFor last wrote about..The Complete Helium Report REVIEW by Bob Younce of The Writing JourneyMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Thu,

    Thank you so much for your feedback I really appreciate it! 😀

    A few people have suggested a forum so I think that could work. I just have to work out a way to do it where the workload is shared. This challenge has been pretty big so far.

    Re the blogs with problems there have been a couple of them. Hopefully they will get sorted out soon.

    Sally Neill suggested for me to write a report about the challenge. I am seriously thinking about that from a what works and what doesn’t point of view.

    I do believe it has been a fantastic way to generate a buzz and have some fun!

    I will be writing a summary post about the challenge in about a week. I am allowing a week for those that were late to the challenge to get it finished if they can.

    See you on your blog very soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  3. Randy SmithNo Gravatar
    Twitter: RandysIMRambles
    on September 1st, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    Hi Jacinta,

    Firstly – a massive congrats on keeping it all together and coming up with that bimbo moment in the first place :)

    I’ve net some cool people along the way and noticed an improvement in my alexa ranking of around 25,000 :)

    Re your questions:

    “Should we do this again?”

    Yes – but not too often 😉

    “What would you change about it?”

    Definitely a new post without too blatant an ad etc.

    “What would you improve about it?”

    I’d try and get commitment from people to do the social bookmarking as well – as not everyone did that part of it… but maybe it wasn’t totally clear?

    And yes – more notice and planning to get people involved from day 1 of the month possibly.

    “What suggestions would you have to make it fun and inspiring?”

    I like the suggestion Daniel mentioned about having a forum or community, and maybe even having people rank their favourite 5 posts etc.

    Hope that helps… and well done again on the whole thing :)
    (and yeah – you could do with some form of monetization to help cover your time)

    Randy Smith last wrote about..Another “Don’t Buy”!- Plus Holiday Catch UpMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Randy,

    Thank you so much for your feedback. I really really appreciate it. PLUS


    I am going to do the big Thank you post when I do the final results post and summary of feedback.

    I agree with all your suggestions. There seems to be a common theme coming through. Re introducing a forum. I need to learn that one! I may be asking you questions there!! 😯

    Plus more planning, new blog posts etc etc.

    Re the social book marking. To tell you the truth I probably was not very clear on that, probably because I am new to that side of things myself, although this challenge taught me all about it very quickly!

    I now know how to Digg, Stumble and twitter better! 😯

    I agree on the monetization side, just got to work out how on that one. Maybe set things up and go from there slowly.

    One task at a time!

    See you on your blog very soon! Actually I was just over there! 😆


    Jacinta 😀

  4. Terry ContiNo Gravatar
    Twitter: terrycontiblog
    on September 2nd, 2010 at 2:01 am

    Hi Jacinta, we should be thanking you not you thanking us. The over 200 comments on my blog post I’ve manage to get would not be if it were not for you and Steve. Thank you so much.

    Terry Conti
    Terry Conti last wrote about..Sell your ebook on its own or put it on Clickbank What do you thinkMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Terry,

    I do think I should be thanking everyone! It would not be the success it has been so far if it wasn’t for the contributors and their dedication to taking on the challenge!

    Congrats on the comments you have received so far. I think you still might get a few over the next few days. Some contributors are still completing their commenting!

    I will be doing a results blog post with in the next week. I will probably allow another weeks grace for the people that joined late and then officially close the challenge @14th of Sep.

    See you on your blog soon 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  5. Hi Jacinta

    Hmmm, the Bimbo moment created a lot more work than I thought it would – It’s been a ton of work but good fun :)

    If we were to do it again I think from an organisational point of view, we should have a few more bodies on board to help manage things.

    Dan’s idea of a forum is a good one, they maintain themselves to a large degree, so the workload would be cut.

    Some of the blog posts were blatant adverts for products and obvious attempts to make money, which sadly is to be expected in the IM niche. I’d like to see more of an emphasis on providing interesting and helpful information without the undertones of someone making a quick buck.

    I think some of the other challenges we have talked about would be more entertaining and less effort for most people…we can chat about those later :)

    Overall I think the challenge was received in the way we intended it, a chance for people to get to meet others, learn a few things and make some friends along the way.

    I would like to say a massive thank you to you for all the extra running around that you did, and to Mandy & Barry for all their efforts too.

    I enjoyed the blog hopping.

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    HI Steve,

    Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate it. 😀

    I agree on the workload! Hubby was starting to get poopy with me the last couple of days before the end when I was working like a trojan.

    I am starting to like the forum idea, it seems to be a common consensus of opinion. Just got to learn how to do that one! 😯

    Plus I am liking the idea of new challenges as well. This could become a little bit bigger than just the comments challenge. I will definitely need help in sharing the workload.

    I will be doing a big thank you post with in 2 weeks honouring everyone for their effort in the challenge plus congratulating the completed contributors.

    Right now I am catching up on some work I neglected! Ooops on that one! 😳

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

    Daniel SumnerNo Gravatar
    Twitter: danielsumner

    Hi Jacinta,

    Check out http://www.phpbb.com/ this is about the best you can get in the way of forums and it’s not too hard to setup either.

    Let me know if you have any problems with it if you decide to go for it!

    Good Luck :-)

    Daniel Sumner last wrote about..Have you got a Virus – 5 Viral Marketing TechniquesMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for that! I was thinking of the forum format that JT & Randy use. It should be able to be set up through my control panel through my hosting I think?

    Just got to work out the plan of attack as I really don’t want the massive workload I had the last 6 weeks. I put everything on the backburner for the challenge and i am only just starting to play catch up.

    I like the idea of creating a forum of maybe a team of moderators, where it can be a forum more for challenges and community, not just on blog hopping thing. EG If some one else wanted to offer up a challenge and moderate it etc.

    I get the feeling that is the feel and the feedback I am getting from all over the place. I have been reading a few conclusion blog posts from a couple of the contributors as well.

    Speaking of which I had better get back to it. I am going to officially close off the challenge after the weekend so I can prepare results and do a summary post.

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  6. Jacinta:

    First I want to thank you for the brainstorm of the idea and then getting it all set-up and started.

    I visited every blog but a couple that I had a problem accessing. I commmented on every blog I visited except those that would not allow comments (I’m not sure why this was). There were a couple of blogs that I had already visited and commented on so I did not comment again. I also tweeted, stumbled and book marked on delicious practicly every post that had the option. I thought three would give the best potential exposure.

    I am completely brain dead after this exercise, mostly because I got involved late in the challenge. It was more time consuming than I had anticipated. However I did find many blogs that I really loved and plan on following in the future via their RSS feed.

    I found that there are quite a few people that did not visit my blog and comment, at least not yet.

    As for when to do this again, maybe once every three months.

    What would I change – I would require a new post. The post can not be one about the challenge it should have something to do with the niche of the blog. The length of the challenge is okay. I think more notice would be helpful. We have to create a pre-launch environment.

    Thanks again for everything!

    – Rick
    Rick Byrd @ MarketingWithRick.com last wrote about..Business Ethics – Is There Such a ThingMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Rick,

    First THANK YOU for being an awesome contributor. As I have traveled around checking on everyone’s blogs I did notice you had visited most of them.

    A couple of them have had a few problems, hopefully they will get sorted out soon.

    I completely agree on the topic of the posts. It would be to the blog owners benefit to actually talk about their niche.

    Definitely agree on more notice and doing like a pre-launch process of getting everyone ready. That way it won’t be so overwhelming for some.

    I get the feeling a few people pulled out of the whole commenting process due to the workload and felt over whelmed by the process. I was a big commitment that is for sure. 😐

    Good to hear you found some awesome blogs to visit. I got lost in quite a few of them for hours!

    Once again Thank you so much for your feedback I really appreciate your suggestions.

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  7. AbizerNo Gravatar
    Twitter: AbizerNalwalaUK
    on September 2nd, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Hi Jacinta

    Congratulations to you for the success of this challenge. 2 reasons for this, first being this was your brain child and second you have been working very hard on and behind the scenes :-) keep up the spirit.

    With regards to your queries
    – Should we do this again?
    Definitely yes. This should be an ongoing thing. We should have a central space where members or guests can come and register for the challenge currently in progress .. as Daniel & Thu suggested, this could be a forum.

    – What would you change about it?
    Considering this our first challenge this has been very good. What could be changed is sharing or dividing your work load :)

    – What would you improve about it?
    (a) Blog posts should be informative (not just say that I am part of this challenge, etc. The post should impart knowledge). This should be a criteria.

    – What suggestions would you have to make it fun and inspiring?
    (a) if we can form a group, we can also pass on the responsibility to run a challenge to different members of the group, this gives them an opportunity to learn and manage an event and would also relieve people like yourself from drowning under so much to do single handedly.
    (b) We can also form a tribe and have weekly calls … but this cannot be done for such a large group of 100 people, it has to be 10 or less I guess.
    (c) We could also keep changing the theme of the challenge like ‘n’ number of blogs in a month, product reviews in a month, techniques about specific marketing strategies like FB marketing / PPC / CPA etc, etc

    These were my 2 censt :-)

    If I can be of any help, please let me know. Would be happy to work with you and other folks …


    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Abizer,

    Awesome Feedback!! Thank you!!

    We have had a few suggestions on doing some other different themed challenges so I think this will be a good idea to work with.

    I think the forum idea is going to happen, just got to work out how to do it! 😯

    I LOVE the idea of people sharing the workload! Hubby has been getting a bit poopy towards the end.

    I did have help from Mandy Allen, Barry Wells, & Steve King in the Masterclass Forum.

    Plus Randy Smith, John Thornhill and Sally Neill were awesome in promoting the challenge for people outside the masterclass to join in.

    I don’t know if it would have been much of a success with out their promotion.

    However there was a huge workload of getting people on board, checking links, blogs and letting everyone else know. This is where a forum or at least creating a list would of benefited me and cut down my time.

    I actually had to email everyone individually due to not creating a list. That was a big oops! 😳

    I will keep you up to date on the development of this and thank you so much for your offer to help!

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  8. CraigNo Gravatar
    Twitter: Craig_Sowerby
    on September 2nd, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Hi Jacinta,

    Give yourself a pat on the back. Well done for creating this challenge. You were right it has been hard work but worth the ride.

    Should we do this again? Hell yeah. Not to often mind as it does make you drift a little from your other commitments.

    What would you change about it? Don’t start the challenge until everybody has registered. Giving everybody a chance to complete the challenge. As many people came into the challenge late you could see by their comments that they were trying to catch up. Have a plan to get through the many blogs. e.g 3 comments per day or as you said 25 per week. I suppose it depends on how many contribute.

    What would you improve about it? Of course a new blog post that is informative and help other bloggers, ok a blatant promotion post may be going a bit too far.

    What suggestions would you have to make it fun and inspiring? Explain to new contributors how blog commenting and the challenge can help them connect with new marketers and possible find JV Partners. Improve their site’s rankings. The amount of knowledge that will be shared to help them in the marketing career

    So thanks again for letting me in on this challenge and I think the next one should be moderated by someone else. You did a fantastic job Jacinta putting it all together, its so you can have a break and take some well earned rest and get those cuddles in with the family.


    Craig last wrote about..Update- 100 Blog Comment ChallengeMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Craig,

    Thank you so much for popping by and giving feedback, I really appreciate it. :mrgreen:

    I definitely agree on not doing the 100 blog comment challenge very often. I think hubby would divorce me if I did that again to quickly. He told I had married the computer the last month! 😳

    Agree on not starting the challenge until everyone has registered. That is why I haven’t officially closed off comments yet. I am still allowing a few more comments over the next couple of days for the late comers, plus a few people were away due to summer holidays.

    The challenge was put together that quickly that I didn’t realise the timing. I didn’t realise the idea was going to spread like wildfire! Still awesome though! 😀

    Sally is writing a new ebook on blog hopping so her book will tie in perfectly to the concept for next time. I could chat with her and maybe make her book a part of the next challenge? Food for thought.

    I think the next challenges that are created maybe something different before doing the hopping challenge again. I have a few ideas that I want to bounce around people and see what people are interested in doing next. Such as blog posts, seeking new blogs, freebie resources etc etc.

    And yes on taking the well deserved rest. I won’t get back into doing major stuff until next week. I am only just catching up on sleep now! 😐

    See you on your blog very soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  9. Hi Jacinta

    I am cheating here with my comments before I have finished the challenge. Due to holidays I didn’t start until 17th August, so it will take me another week to finish it off.

    Wow, what a workload – and I have retired, how people with full time jobs have managed it I don’t know. As for suggestions:-

    1. Should we do this again –
    yes, but for the 100 comments as it is, preferably in Spring/Autumn.

    2. What would you change about it –
    I feel the workload is too heavy for most people and other things have had to take a back seat. Seeing how basically we are trying to get people to visit others blogs and comment, how about a regular 30 comments a month challenge. Anybody should be able to visit one blog a day and we could increase the number of participants.

    The blog post should definitely be a new one, without any self promotion.

    3. What would you improve about it –
    Another aim is to encourage people to post more often, so I would only allow people to participate that have posted a minimum of two posts per month for the last 3 months.

    4. What suggestions would you have to make it fun and inspiring –
    A vote on the top 3 posts for the period of the challenge. No prizes just the satisfaction that the winners efforts have been appreciated.

    Thanks for all your efforts and I hope this helps, back to blog hopping!


    Bill Murney last wrote about..TechnologyMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Bill,

    Thank you for popping by and giving feedback. I really appreciate it! :mrgreen:

    There seems to be a common theme of yes doing the challenge again but only once a year for the big one. A few have suggested doing smaller more regular challenges so that could be good to keep the momentum and encouragement there.

    I like the suggestion of an active blog, that is a good one plus the top 3 suggestion. Daniel and Randy suggested doing something like that as well.

    The feedback I have been getting is awesome. I have some great ideas for the future, just got to work out how to do it all without the massive workload.

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  10. Hi Jacinta:

    This is Fran two days after letting your relax from the comment challenge. Right now all eyes are glued on you waiting to hear what is your next step. I will suggest think before you do, as you have lots of choices, but do what does not create too much pressure.

    A forum, a social site, or a networking site membership site, where
    bloggers are supported to get more readers and commentators, or simply the same as you have done now, but this was too much pressure
    for you. Your work, should be done by a group of administrative group that you choose, simply direct them and keep an eye every now and then.

    If you need me to do something just volunteer, I can give you almost an hour a day and I am sure there will be others who will like to do that.

    Well You have to come up with something, as a JOB WELL DONE needs to continue. Note simply over.

    Right now is the best time to pay attention to your family, love your baby and hubby. Make up for the busy time.

    Wish you best of the both world.
    Make it a great day for yourself.

    P.S Though I started on the 15th or 14, I got
    108 comments. Thanks to you and of course all those who wanted to make this a success.

    Fran Aslam
    Fran Aslam last wrote about..Information Technology Revolution – Changing everything From Ebook Writing To Blog WritingMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Fran,

    Thank you for popping by and thank you so much for the feedback. :mrgreen:

    Considering you started the challenge late you were awesome! There were people that started the challenge a lot earlier than you and haven’t finished yet!

    I like the suggestions of the forum and the social page so far, so I think I will try and get those going and then inside the forum members can create other challenges that we can all participate in.

    I have decided to relax for about another week before I try and start something new. My aim is for a new challenge to commence in October. Just got to work out what type.

    Thank you so much for the offer for help I really appreciate it. This challenge has been awesome. The people we have met and the relationships we have forged has been fantastic.

    I think this is all the beginning of good things for us all.

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  11. Yes I did Jacinta! Hurey! :)

    It was great meeting and connecting with new people learning but also teaching others by sharing our knowledge.Also according to Alexa I had an increase of +530% in the last 1 month period!! I moved 128.132 places up! :)

    What small challenge? 😛 I would never thought that reading and commenting on 100 blog posts PLUS replying to 100 comments on our own blog post, would take so much time! (OK I didn’t reply to 100 persons because I am waiting from about 42 contributors to submit their comment).

    Also I am STILL waiting from 10 contributors to approve my comment. I might’ve done a mistake or something but it is better for all of us to check our spam folder, unapproved comments etc.

    Besides this after checking all 100 blogs again found that a few blogs are now down (suspended hosting and even a blog infected with a virus). I will send you the list via the contact form.

    Should we do this again? Please NO! :( I don’t have that much time. 😛
    Do you know that I could even write a report JUST from my own comments of this challenge?! I have copied and pasted almost all my comments into a MS Word document and I can see that I’ve created 36 pages of content with more than 15.241 words!! Yikes.. (Of course I am NOT going to create a report with my comments. 😛 I just wanted to show you that it was NOT that easy challenge for me!

    Should we do this again with fewer blogs and people?
    Well definitely because it was interesting and started making some good connections.

    But as I mentioned in a contributor’s blog post (and you agreed with it) next time I prefer joining a similar challenge if there are NO MORE than 30 blogs. 20-30 blogs in a month is enough! Although I DID learn a few things from the non-internet marketing blogs (and also from the I.M blogs) I prefer joining a similar challenge where every blog is in the internet marketing niche (or a related niche).

    Here are some extra thoughts for this challenge.

    1. What about creating a list of the contacts of all contributors on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc so that we can continue growing the relationship?
    2. What about voting the best blog post, comment, top commenter etc?

    Any new ideas?

    What about posting a guest post on each other blog? Would this be a good idea?

    Anyway I have a NEW TREMENDOUS and completely different and UNIQUE idea for a NEW CHALLENGE and I want to share it (and discuss) it with you in the following days. The challenge that I am thinking of will help grow our internet marketing business without doing too much work.

    This challenge will give us:


    But I will definitely need the help of you, John Thornhill, Randy Smith etc to promote it.

    Are you in?

    In the meantime you should rest yourself! :)

    Take care,
    Andreas Spyrou last wrote about..The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake &8211 Mistake 6My Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Andreas,

    WOW! You have some awesome feedback. Thank you so much!! 😀

    I agree this challenge was massive! Who Knew! It sounded good in theory and then when it came to the workload I was shocked! 😯

    What I did learn from this challenge so far is the commitment of people. Not everyone completed the challenge. There have been quite a few that submitted their posts and then didn’t go around to everyone’s blogs. This was a little disappointing.

    I do know a few people are in the process of finishing up comments over the next few days which is good, however I will be officially closing the challenge off next week so I can do a results page.

    Your challenge idea sounds interesting. Let me know more, however just give me a week to recover from this challenge! 😳

    Quite a few of the challengers want to stay connected. I am seriously thinking of the forum or social page idea. I will start working on that next week.

    Speaking of which I had better get back to catching up on people’s comments.

    See you on your blogs soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  12. Hi Jacinta

    I’ve finished my comments just a little behind with bookmarking them but I will get them completed soon I promise.

    Congratulations again for all your hard work putting this together, its been a great success and you should be very pleased with yourself.

    Next time though the workloaded should be shared out so you don’t have to do it all. Get more people planning and organizing and other people going round making sure everyone has done what they are supposed to do.

    Should we do another one? – definitely yes

    How often? – every 3 or 4 months

    What should we do with the contributors that didn’t comment on all the blogs? – don’t let them do another

    What would I change? – seperate the contributors up into the same niches

    Before I forget I’ve got to thank you for something else…

    I won a copy of Camtasia 7 from one of the contributors blogs. Its on my to-buy list but I haven’t had the cash to buy it so I’m well pleased…

    I wouldn’t of been on that blog in the first place if it wasn’t for this challenge so – Thank You Jacinta!

    Take care

    Dawn Kay
    Dawn Kay last wrote about..Free Internet Marketing Blueprints and Checklist GuidesMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Dawn,

    How cool on Camtasia. That is on my to buy list!

    OK so commenting on 100 blogs did pay off so to speak! 😆

    I agree on not letting the contributors that didn’t complete the challenge to not be allowed again. I was a little disappointed. However like I said a few times. Getting people motivated to join was one thing, getting people to honour their commitment knowing the workload was a totally different scenario!

    I couldn’t force people to make comments if they chose not to.

    I will be doing a blog post very soon on the results from the challenge and in that post I will be honouring everyone and their blogs that actually did go around to everyone’s blogs and comment.

    I know I need to allow for a few falling into spam etc, however I can already tell from the averages of who has roughly completed and who hasn’t.

    I think some people will be surprised. However it also shows the commitment of some marketers and their integrity too! This challenge has taught us all a lot more than just blog hopping.

    Had better get back to catching up on people’s comments.

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  13. Jacinta

    Finally made it round all the blogs – little late I know but sure I’m not the last!!

    Thanks for a great concept and all the time and effort that you have put in making it work as you have created something great here – we have formed a good community, helped each other out and certainly (well I have anyway) all learnt a few things along the way. And thats not to mention those who have been lucky enough to win things from contests by being involved.

    So in answer to your questions – yes I think we should definately do it again. Perhaps on a slightly smaller scale rotating the “admin” between us so that the work is shared out like the benefits.

    I think that categorising the blogs/contributed posts would be useful as whilst they were all informative in their own right I am sure a number of people would find particular niches/topics of more interest and more importantly more targeted and therefore better suited for forming JVs/collaborations and for relevant backlinks.

    Whilst it may be more work (dare I suggest it!) perhaps a commitment to comment upon and bookmark say 2/3 posts on each blog (probably with a reduced number of blogs in this case). This would give a more even spread of comments on people’s blog posts. Whilst you would like to think people will re-visit if you are delivering value, I think you will get situations arising where some people’s posts will have an average of say 5 comments then there will be one with 100+ which looks a bit odd. More importantly you will get a better idea of what the writer is like and their style, thereby forming closer affinity or bonds with them.

    Finally I think a forum and a voting/nomination of “best” posts are great ideas and would love to see those incorporated…..

    Happy to help along the way.

    Thanks again – you have really added something great to the community with this! Roll on the next Bimbo moment….

    Tom Harvey @ Tom-Harvey.com last wrote about..Video Marketing – Anatomy Of A Successful Affiliate CampaignMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Tom,

    Awesome feedback! Thank you! :mrgreen:

    Congratulations on finally getting around to everyone. I am going to try and head back around over the next few days to re tally up the comments.

    And no I don’t think your the last. I know of a few others that are still madly getting around. I will be closing comments off this week so I can do the results.

    I like your suggestion on visiting a couple of blog posts on each blog. That is a great idea!

    I think the forum is going to happen, just got to work out how as I think this is going to be more of a community project as well as new and different challenges.

    Hopefully I will have an idea of what is going to happen and where to go from here as soon as I finalize this challenge. I would actually like to do a new challenge in October, just not sure yet. Maybe a blog posting challenge.

    Eg A certain amount of articles each week. That we have to write plus we have to visit all the contributors blogs in between to comment as well. Much more of smaller scale challenge, but more dedicated.

    Next bimbo moment! 😯 Ummmm This was a pretty big one. I have no idea what I will think of for an encore!. Although this little bimbo brain has been ticking over with ideas from everyone’s feedback on keeping the momentum going.

    I get the feeling this is the beginning of something good for everyone! 😀

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  14. G’day Jacinta,

    Fantastic …awesome..busy…tired… these are some of the words that come into my head as I come back here.

    Thanks for visiting my post on the challenge…as you know I thought it was great and would love to do it again …a little slower.

    A membership site with the forum in the membership area would be my suggestion.
    A small fee to join the membership site will soon weed out the not so serious and compensate you for all the hard work.

    I know we all thrive on challenges and compitition but if we vote for the best anything would this not discourage people who are just starting out and not so experienced.

    Reguardless of what you decide please count me in and if I can help inany way just yell out.

    It’s fathers day tomorrow so go spend time with hubby and family.


    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Bryan,

    Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. :mrgreen:

    The forum idea is something I am going to go with, just got to get it organised. I have a few ideas for it, where people will be able to do their own type challenges in there.

    I guess the voting side of things could occur if members wanted to write a post on their own blogs as to the posts they like etc etc. I don’t think voting would be a requirement.

    I do not want to make it a competitive environment.

    Thank you for being an awesome contributor and for really giving this challenge a go!

    Happy Fathers Day!


    Jacinta 😀

  15. Hi Jacinta

    I finished the challenge :)
    Commented, Bookmarked, Stumbled, Tweeted most (some url’s were too long) and commented on the fact that I’d commented…lol, there were two workloads to be had :)

    Having read through all of the comments it looks like everyone enjoyed themselves, despite the hard work…which is a big tick in the success box.

    Congratulations on such a cool Bimbo Moment :)
    Have a great weekend
    Steve King last wrote about..Weekend Golfers Affiliates TeamMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Steve,

    😆 On the bimbo moment! What a crazy month. It seems like a big blur!! 😯

    I think most people enjoyed themselves, however I don’t think any of us really knew the workload we were getting ourselves into.

    Food for thought next time is to create the challenges a little smaller and more manageable.

    However in saying that considering this challenge was created on the whim of a comment and we had no idea if it would happen or not I think it has been amazing and one I have learned some very valuable marketing lessons from.

    I do not regret the process. It has taught me more in the last month than in the last 6!

    I am looking forward to writing the results post next week!

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  16. Hi Jacinta,
    Girlfriend, if you are seriously tallying up posts of 100 people on 100 blogs, you are half crazy!! Can I ask why? Does it really matter?

    Anyway, I thought the challenge was fun at first, but with all the people, it got a little hectic and I don’t know who I posted on and who I didn’t. I thought I could just go down the list, but a lot of the blogs had some really good posts and I didn’t want to leave a lame comment like “Here I am from the challenge”so I meant to go back to them. Maybe I did, Maybe I didn’t. I really don’t know :(
    I also tried to comment as they went to my blog, but that got me more screwed up!

    And then the replying to them on my own blog?!? Way to much typing!

    100 is too many, I like the 30 comments in 30 days. And the forum idea. Very cool.
    Also, Is it necessary to tell people what to write about? I mean, it’s their blog…shouldn’t they write about what they want?
    We shouldn’t criticize or discriminate if someone doesn’t write as well as others. I mean after all a lot of people that participated are newbies.

    Just my thoughts.
    Hope y’all are good and have an amazing day!

    Lisa last wrote about..How Did I Get HEREMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Luvly,

    Yes I know it sounds crazy to tally up the comments. It is more for knowing who really gave the challenge a good shot or who just submitted their post and then sat back and reaped the comments but didn’t contribute to the other blogs.

    There have been a few that have done that. Most people have done the right thing overall.

    I completely agree on the amount of blogs. It definitely got hectic!! The whole month has been a blur and to tell you the truth I am glad it is over! 😳

    The forum idea is going to happen! Just got to work out how so it isn’t a major workload for me. Give me a couple of weeks to get it sorted. Got to earn some mula first and sell a whole lot of crap on ebay! 😆

    Taking the month off doing the challenge has cost my bank account. Got to play catch up! :)

    The new post idea is just about writing a new post on your blog to submit to the challenge. A few people did submit articles that were a little on the sale pitch side of things.

    That is what I think people want to avoid for next time and instead just have articles of content for people with a little subtle selling maybe.

    Re the voting side of things. I think what could be introduced here is where members if they wanted to could write a post on their blog of the top articles they loved and what they learned. I don’t think voting would be a rule of the challenges in the future.

    If someone wrote a post on their blog featuring their favourite articles, it is more about appreciating what they have learned and giving link love!

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I really really appreciate it! Hope you are resting!!

    I want to do an interview with you soon as to how you manage what you are doing especially around 5 kids, grandkids and working! Your amazing!

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  17. Hi Jacinta

    I’ve said it elsewhere, but here’s another huge THANK YOU!! for thinking up this Challenge, getting it organised and keeping it going.

    I hope you’re going to give yourself a week or two off to recover, and to spend some quality time with your long-suffering hubby and daughter :-) I can’t believe you’re thinking of organising something else as early as October, I thought you’d have been looking forward to a much longer break after all the time and effort you’ve put in to this one!

    I’m really happy to hear that there’s likely to be a forum or similar where we can all keep in touch, it would be such a shame for us all to go our separate ways now. And I look forward to entering more challenges (but smaller, pleeeease!)

    I agree that everyone should enter a new post into the next comments challenge, and that it should not be on the subject of taking part in the Challenge.

    I also think the suggestion that we should vote for the top 3 or 5 posts is good. That would add some extra excitement, and an incentive to write a top quality post – although most entrants did that anyway – especially if we’ll be getting more advance notice of the next challenge.

    As you said, this could be the start of something big and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes us. Thanks again, and enjoy a well deserved break.

    Warm Regards
    LynnN@Online Auction Ideas last wrote about..Selling Used Textbooks on eBay and AmazonMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Lynn,

    😆 On the new challenge! I want to organise a smaller challenge for October, maybe to do with blog posting or articles or something. Not sure yet! 😀

    I like the idea of challenges that place me out of my comfort zone, plus if I have other people join in, then it also makes me accountable to achieve and complete the concept!

    Thank you so much for being an awesome contributor!

    I will keep you up to date with what is happening very soon. Currently I am catching up on work that got neglected and spending time with family!

    See you on your blog very soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  18. Hi Jacinta,
    Thanks for this experience. I went to all the blogs I could enter. Some I could not leave a message and others I did not understand their messages.
    It was a great idea and I think a forum would be a great idea.
    The Idea of a single post took many of us off guard I guess. I was so happy with the comments on my blog. I received and continue to receive tips from many of them and I am forever grateful to you and Steve for just being there.
    Please keep in touch and I know I want to continue this worldly contact.
    Thee Quest For Perfect Health

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Pierre,

    Thank you for popping by! Good to hear you enjoyed the experience.

    I am hoping to create a forum where people that want to still keep in touch can.


    Jacinta 😀

  19. Hi, Jacinta,
    First of all, I feel very fortunate to have stumbled over your challenge as I am not in any class that promotes blogging, nor do I know any other participants. I wasn’t even sure what a blog is, but now I know and understand quite a bit more about what a blog vs a website is 😀 I have a lot to learn but feel like I am in the right place with this group.

    I also agree with the idea of smaller challenges. 100 is a lot to get thru. Plus you have to add time for reading, thinking and writing a comment and my own response to comments that were left on my site. I think I went to all blogs and left comments. I went down the list backwards.

    Since I am a newbie in every sense of the word, maybe a guide book of sorts would help others like me. Sally had some great posting guidelines for commenting that helped me. Maybe include
    directions on social bookmarking, the how and why of that. There was a site that had some good info on that too. I found it during the last couple of days.

    I also agree on a new post for the next challenge. I have already decided to move forward with a different blog that will incorporate all I have learned with this challenge. Like I have already said, I feel very fortunate to have been included in this challenge as I think most others have quite a bit more actual hands on internet experience than I. So, thank you to everyone who has commented and responded!

    Some type of forum would be great to keep and build connections.
    Waiting to start the hopping until everyone is registered would make it easier to get around to all. Maybe do a 100 challenge again but at the beginning of summer. Something along the lines of 100 days of blog hopping/comments. Have it run from June thru
    Aug. I’m thinking most of us would like to participate again so maybe start promoting it in Jan or Feb with guidebooks, rules etc.
    If you go all out, you could a couple of different niches for 100 days of summer with 200 participants. All kinds of ideas!

    If I can help I would be more than happy too. I just don’t think I know enough at this point to do more than get in the way..LOL.
    If you think of something I can help with, I will!

    I would be interested in your tally of results. Just to know how I did compared to everyone else would at least validate to me I am doing something. Is that odd? Kinda like being graded? Or maybe it’s a newbie thing.

    Anyway, thanks again!

    Fran T
    Fran T last wrote about..Nopalea and My KneeMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Fran,

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I really really appreciate it!

    The 100 blog hops over 100 days sounds like a good one! Plus the guide! Sally is writing a book on blog hopping which would be perfect for explaining the whole concept of blog hopping and commenting.

    Not sure if I will do the challenge like this again. It was a massive workload. 😐

    I will be writing the tally post at the end of the week.


    Jacinta 😀

  20. Alex
    Twitter: alexwhalley23
    on September 7th, 2010 at 9:38 am


    Again congratulation for a job well done. The amount of work that would have been involved was incredible, so thankyou for organising that.

    Unfortunately – my feedback is anything but good.
    My latest post actually attacks a lot of the participants of this challenge, and I think although the idea was good, and the concept brilliant, because of a lack of knowledge on how to actually engage with people, most bloggers on this list completely wasted the opportunity!
    I’m sorry, but if you have the chance to show your work to 99 fresh faces, writing ‘this is my post for the challenge’ is just the biggest waste of time ever!
    Sorry but I refuse to comment on a post that provides no value what so ever.

    Great idea, next time I would suggest making the groundrules first. Like you need to post a decent post and not a ‘look at me, I have no idea what the f I am doing’ post and also to encourage people to actually add value.
    I had one comment saying ‘I have commented for the challenge, but you have not on my site – so you have to come over now’
    Ummmm. NO MATE, does not work like that. Provide me value, make me think ‘oh, thats a good point’ and THEN i will come over and repay the favour!

    Tell me what your thoughts are on this Jascinta.
    No disrespect btw, I think you know what it was supposed to be, it was just a bunch of about 30 in the list that turned it into a farce
    Alex@niche site marketing last wrote about..What the Blog are you talking aboutMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Alex,

    I appreciate your feedback.

    I have read your blog post and answered you over there.

    This was an innocent idea that grew into a challenge. No! It was not well thought out and yes the rules probably could have been better, however who knew it was going to grow into the monster it did!

    But I guess that happens when I am a dumb newbie blogger! 😐


    Jacinta 😀

    Twitter: alexwhalley23


    I actually have A LOT of respect for you as a blogger and networker.
    I apologise if the post and comments felt like a personal attack, but at no stage did I intend for this to be the case.
    I actually said that I thought the whole idea was a brilliant one, and you know what – I don;t think it should be up to you to have to make the rules. What upset me is how so many ‘dumb’ bloggers missed the concept, the point, and the opportunity.
    I also had the added bonus of somehow ending up with two posts on the list, so received twice the no. of ‘pointless comments’

    Don;t get me wrong, there were a multitude of amazing blog posts, and those that left a meaningful comment at my blog had the favour returned. I just think it was dissapointing that so many bloggers turned it into a spam-a-thon.

    Again, I apologise for what obviously felt like a personal attack, but know that I only intended to point out the importance of providing value and engagement first and foremost. Granted I put that point across in a somewhat controversial manner, but is that not the point?

    I honestly do have a lot of respect for you as a blogger JD, I don;t expect that feeling to be mutual :)

    Take care, and God bless
    Alex@niche site marketing last wrote about..Automate your Social Bookmarking…Free!My Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Alex,

    I did not take the post as an absolute personal attack! 😐

    What I did find offensive was the term ‘dumb blogger’ and what I also found offensive was some of your commentators making judgment without understanding the original concept of the challenge.

    We were all newbies once and I commented from their point of view!

    I do agree that some of the posts submitted could have been better and I do agree that some of the comments that people contributed could have been better too! I did read them and I was disappointed when I saw it happening as that was not the original concept of the challenge.

    Yes you can tell if someone has actually read the post or not by the way they commented.

    And yes you are entitled to your point of view and to write about it accordingly. I Have sat back as your commentator ‘Sire’ put it and taken the feedback on board.

    I actually replied to him nicely on your blog just under Fran’s comment, however my original reply went to spam as I linked to a blog post of Sally’s and by the time I found that out, I had noticed another reply that did feel like an attack and therefore I have replied accordingly.

    I do agree that maybe rules could have been set out better, however like I replied on your blog, I had no idea how big this thing was going to get!

    I do thank you for your opinion and I do appreciate it as I am sure other people will too, and I have taken the criticisms on board so that if I do decide to be a bimbo again and create a challenge I will know how to do it better from the blogging point of view.

    Like I said earlier where I got offended was the term ‘Dumb Blogger’ and ‘Blogging by Dummies’. I know that you were not calling me the dumb blogger as such.

    I took response more to your commentators opinions of something they knew nothing about!

    Plus I also felt for the newbies so to speak that had joined the challenge not really knowing what they were doing. Some of them had never even blogged before the challenge! Give them 100 points for giving it a go!

    Alex I do know that you were not attacking me personally as such, however please remember we were all newbies once!

    See you on your blog soon as I am sure I will have to answer to a few more of your judgmental commentators.


    Jacinta 😀

  21. Jacinta,

    I think creating a forum is a great way to keep in touch and reconnect with people. I hope all these problems can be sort out shortly and I do believe that you do it! Keep up the awesome work and you have my support!

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Justin,

    Thank you for popping by! :mrgreen:

    I think the forum will be a great idea. Just got to get it all sorted. At the moment I am trying to catch up on work I let slip while I was coordinating the challenge. I had no idea the workload I created for myself when I started it. 😐

    However I don’t regret it, it was an unbelievable learning experience both good and bad. This was way more than a comments challenge. I am looking forward to writing my results post at the end of the week about it.

    Re the forum I will send you an invite when I get it all done. I have some unique plans for it.

    See you on your blog very soon! 😛


    Jacinta 😀

  22. Hi Jacinta, truly, Daddy and Bubba need your time and affection too. Work is good but be sure that there should be a limit when is enough. Family should be our first priority. As a family man, I’m also struggling with these and trying to get back slowly after being so busy also with my business.

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Allan,

    Nice to meet you! :mrgreen:

    Yes hubby and bubba have needed me the last 2 weeks to make up for the 6 weeks I went beserk with the challenge! Oops on that one!

    I agree on creating a time limit. I have a schedule now that I am trying to keep so that everything is balanced.

    Slowly but surely.

    Thank you for popping by!


    Jacinta 😀

  23. Well Jacinta you certainly started something here. I can see you with your feet up now, nice and relaxed now the challenge is over. 8) Maybe not, with your two year old running around. 😉

    I think the 100 comment challenge should be annual, and no posts about the challenge itself, (I’m guilty of that one).

    Perhaps eventually monthly 20/30 comment challenges focused on tight themes.

    Everyone benefited from this, but you and Steve did all the work which meant you must have neglected other areas. A small dedicated team would spread the work around.

    Well done Jacinta, you deserve a round of applause for this. 8)

    John McNally last wrote about..WHY was Clockwork Orange Banned in GBMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi John,

    Yes I created a monster!! 😆

    A bit like a pebble in the ocean that created a storm! 😆

    I agree on the yearly concept for a challenge so big! A few people have suggested smaller versions of challenges which I think is an excellent idea. And yes I agree on no posts about the challenge as the entry for the challenge! 😆

    I have been chatting to Randy about the concept of creating an area in his forum so we can have a section for challenges and a place to communicate.

    Thank you for being an awesome contributor. I finally tallied the results the last couple of days and your effort was amazing!

    See you on your blog very soon!


    Jacinta 😀

  24. Hi Jacinta,

    Have been meaning to visit to see what you had posted about how the challenge went. It was some undertaking and certainly took a lot of my time up. I don’t yet know of course if it will help my traffic long term.

    Would I do it again? I might work up some enthusiasm in a few months! Depends very much on what else is going on at the time. I did enjoy it though and it was great to meet so many people.

    I think that perhaps you should limit the length of the post that is entered in the challenge as some took an age to read.

    Thanks for organizing it. I can’t believe you would be willing to do it all again!

    SandyHalliday@Making Money Online last wrote about..Can Your Website Visitors Contact YouMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Sandy,

    Thank you for popping by! :mrgreen:

    I agree on the challenge being a lot of work. I had no idea the workload it was going to generate. I literally lived and breathed the challenge for 6 weeks.

    I have finally tallied up the results and will be posting a summary post in a few days.

    I don’t think I will do a challenge this big again for a while, maybe make this kind of event and annual one! 😯

    Re doing it all over again. I am thinking more of smaller content orientated challenges, such as article writing, producing video content, web 2.0 website stuff such squidoo, hubpages etc etc.

    I do agree on the length of posts for next time. I often found I was getting lost in people’s blogs for hours.

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  25. Sally
    Twitter: sallyneill
    on September 9th, 2010 at 8:46 am

    Hey Jacinta,

    How ya doing?

    I am not really visiting blogs at the moment due to my busy schedule right now!

    But yours is one of my favs so had to leave a comment here.

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED the challenge, although it was tough work!

    I am so glad that I participated, got a lot of extra people added to my rss feed :)

    But mostly I am glad that I met so many internet marketers and hope to build really strong relationships with them in the near future.

    As you know I have a super idea about promoting the people who actually fulfilled their end of the deal on this challenge, to return some of the love!

    Gonna be BIG I tell ya!

    To the people who didn’t participate as requested, well that’s their loss.

    To answer your questions:

    Should we do it again?

    Hell no! Ha ha just kidding!

    What would you change about it?

    I would make it more specific, ie. only allow internet marketers to participate and not random bloggers.

    What would you improve about it?

    Hmmmm, some prizes of some sort, maybe free access to paid products created by the members of the challenge or something like that.

    What would make it fun, inspiring etc.

    I think it was fun, and a nice little community came out of it, so that was fab! Would be great to stay in touch with those people in some way.

    Catch you on skype soon, well done Jacinta, you should be very proud.

    You’re a wonderful person, who spent so much time on this project, with no personal gain for yourself, a very unselfish act, KARMA is coming to get ya!!!

    Lastly, just let me again say thank you for setting up this challenge, for helping myself and others meet like minded people, we are all truly grateful to you.

    Sally :)
    Sally @ Blog Hopping Queen last wrote about..Writing Testimonials Benefit You TooMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Miss Sally,

    Sorry for the delay in reply. I have been having a little rest! 😆

    Oooh I love your feedback.

    I like the prizes idea of the paid memberships. That is a good one!

    Re doing the challenge again. Hmmm the jury is out on that one! Only kidding! Yes I will do this again, but on a much smaller scale, plus maybe once a year unless someone else wants to moderate it.

    Hmm food for thought people could take in turns on moderating!

    See you on skype very soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  26. […] of the 100 comment challenge that just ended up.  Jacinta had a brilliant idea to network and get people to comment on each other’s blog post until each posts comments reached 100.  Replies didn’t count.  It […]

  27. ElizOFNo Gravatar
    Twitter: ElizObihFrank
    on September 13th, 2010 at 9:41 am

    Dear Jacinta,
    First off, Thank You for the enormous effort you put into organizing the 100 Comment Challenge and seeing it through to completion. When I signed up for the challenge, I made a commitment to learn and grow from the experience and to honor the rule of commenting on all the listed blogs. I am not an internet marketer yet but knew that I could learn something, albeit one nugget of value, from every contributor.
    I visited every blog and, yes, I read every single post (except the ones you mentioned we couldn’t access) because I wanted to understand what each blogger was sharing with the reader before commenting… Call it my Catholic Schoolgirl upbringing or my stiff upper lip British/Nigerian sensibility… that’s just my way. If I missed anyone, although I don’t think I did, it was not intentional and I offer sincere apologies.
    The entire experience was yet another reminder of why it is best to focus on your goal, honor it and move on. I was reminded again that it is pointless to insist on having others comply to a set of rules when they don’t want to … even if they initially agreed to those rules. There will always be dissenters in any group project and I am not surprised by some of the feedback you received because that is human nature; One man’s feast is another man’s poison.
    I’ve always liked the idea of maintaining what in Yoga is known as a “Beginner’s Mind” because it helps keep the ego in check and that is where true learning and growth occurs. We all make mistakes and hopefully we learn from them. I learned a lot from this experience and will continue to learn; I have no regrets. A great teacher once said, “The minute you think you know everything and what everyone else should be thinking/doing is the moment you’ve stopped learning…”
    Should we do this again? It is now up to you to decide if you wish to have another go at it. If yes, I would suggest fewer, niche specific bloggers might be helpful.
    What would you change about it? The number of participants and have all contributors offer a new post.
    What would you improve about it? I’m tempted to say have a code of honor for participants where all agree that — your word is your bond — Simply honor what you signed up for or back out early. There, I said it.
    What suggestions would you have to make it fun and inspiring? Have all participants take turns sending everyone a reminder about the purpose of the challenge; this was meant to be a supportive, positive endeavor and a way to help each other grow… feedback was meant to be given in the spirit of uplifting each other.
    As I write this from my home in New York, I am reminded again about the events of 9/11 and how people rallied in the face of violence to comfort and help each other. The nature of the help was not questioned. What mattered was that people offered help in different ways they knew how… This is my prayer for us all.
    Bloggers have an important role to play in the blogosphere and we must remember to wield our words with compassion. Ultimately, we all have the power of the human spirit to heal and to hurt one another. The latter is a dangerous option.
    Thank you again Jacinta for letting me through the Challenge door. I wish you continued and abundant success … and I know you wish all of us, newbies and experienced bloggers, mega success.
    ElizOF last wrote about..Defining Freedom- Five Key Ways We Express &amp Abuse It…My Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Eliz,

    Wow! What beautiful words. Thank you so much! 😉

    Your feedback is amazing and so genuine and true.

    I completely agree on the code of honour, however as we know not everyone can do that. Life sometimes gets in the way for some people, or often things get sidetracked and some get over whelmed. I think that is what happened with some people in the challenge.

    even though the challenge is technically over I have noticed quite a few people still going around to people’s blogs, so even though they didn’t finish in the allotted time they are still getting there. Which is awesome.

    I do like the community spirit that was generated from the challenge and I do hope that I can keep that spirit alive.

    I hope to have a few little announcements I am working on shortly.

    I agree on new posts, and the time factor and smaller contributors. Nothing like starting the whole process with a bang!

    I am so glad you enjoyed the challenge and you have met some amazing people. I guess that was the whole concept in a nut shell. People meeting new people and really getting out there and networking and building a community.

    It became a lot more that just a comments challenge. It has been a very challenging, humbling as well as growing experience for me.

    Looking forward to communicating with you soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  28. Hi Jacinta,

    I have completed the challenge with some shortcomings like not tweeting every post and missing a few bookmarks.

    I was disappointed with some participants who didn’t bother commenting on my blog in spite of my giving them a comment of value.

    It could be that some of my comments were put into spam folder by Akismet. I had to retrieve some comments from my spam folder.

    Overall it was a good experience which I wouldn’t want to repeat soon but at a later date perhaps.

    I’m sorry that the participants of the challenge were attacked by an insider, Alex Whalley.

    What he wrote in his post is simply unacceptable and wrong.

    He is not holier than any of us and his paternalistic and arrogant article is a farce.

    You did a magnificent job defending the newbies in your comments on his drivel.

    Here is what I commented on his blog:

    Hi Jacinta, Alex, Sire,

    I have participated in the challenge and have to side with Jacinta here.

    It’s not true that most comments were spammy. In the beginning most comments were pretty good. I was giving my best comments for the most part but admittedly not as good towards the end as the time was running out. But I have never spam commented.

    Perhaps I gave 25% of comments that were not up to the standard. I think most people did the same.

    For Alex to attack the whole challenge in his post it was probably a link bait.

    Aside from that he does put himself on a pedestal and sounds very arrogant.

    A lot of the challenge participants are complete newbies and to be so harsh with them as Alex is is not fair. He acts like someone who is trying to get a following by sounding like he knows it all and sees through everything.

    Part of the rules, which were by the way outlined very well but not adhered to by some participants including Alex was the commitment to comment on each blog in the challenge.

    This is obviously what Alex has gotten himself out of by taking the few spam comments as an excuse and the reason for his wholesale attack on the whole thing.

    Vance@Get More Readers last wrote about..How To Get More Readers- 10 Tips To Make Your Blog More PopularMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Vance,

    Sorry for the delay on reply, I have been having a well earned rest! 😀 Moderating the challenge did take a lot out of me.

    I agree not something I will be doing again in a hurry!! 😆

    Overall it has been an awesome experience, I have learned so much, and met some amazing people I would not change what we did.

    Yes it had it’s downfalls, however overall 60% completed the challenge, so as far as I am concerned that is a success.

    I would worry about what the negative people have said. I was upset at first because I thought it was an attack on the newbies, however what it did show me was the true values of people as marketers, so that I am grateful.

    Some people genuinely want to help people and others don’t. We can not please everyone.

    I agree with you in that I was a little disappointed that not everyone completed the challenge. I do think most people did genuinely want to complete the challenge, however some had life circumstances get in the way. I think some may have gotten overwhelmed at the workload.

    I must admit I was a little overwhelmed there and I was the organiser! 😯

    Currently I am enjoying a little break and seriously thinking about where I want to go online. The challenge has definitely given me something to think about! 😉

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

    Twitter: barry_wells

    Hi Vance, i couldn’t have put it better myself mate.

    What i found ridiculous was Alex basing his view on the 25 blogs he visited. That’s 25% which isn’t enough (i think) to give a 100% overview.

    I’m playing catch up Vance but will be visiting your blog very soon.

    Respect and Regards to you Vance, Barry
    Barry@The Newbies Guide last wrote about..The Newbies Guide Part 11- Plus A Gift- A Guide and A VideoMy Profile

  29. Jacinta – I hold up my hand as one who hasn’t finished the challenge yet – I could name excuses – very valid ones, I might add – but all I will say is that I promise to get around to all the blogs and leave a comment.

    It was MUCH harder and time consuming than I thought it would be – what with reading the blog post and the comments then leaving a worthwhile comment.

    I’d say do it again but maybe in batches of 30 – maybe we could have a race of 5 teams of 30 bloggers and see which team all get round their teams blogs first! A huge administration nightmare – so the forum idea is better:P

    Thank you for the challenge – sorry I didn’t complete it in time – I claim too many senior moments 😀

    Jennifer @JTInternetMarketing.com last wrote about..New! How To Become A Successful AffiliateMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Jennifer,

    At least you gave it your best shot!! There were quite a few people that didn’t complete the challenge. At least you are still making the effort to get to everyone over time.

    I think quite a few people were overwhelmed with the time factor. The challenge was a lot bigger than every initially thought.

    I know I have been a little overwhelmed from it and I was the organiser! 😯

    Re the forum idea, I have an idea there so I will keep everyone posted just got to iron out some details first.

    Thank you for being a valued contributor to the challenge. I will see you on your blog very soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  30. 100 articles is a lot to read – what I would like to know is…

    what were the best and the worst posts you read? I’ll bet that there were some really good ones and some really funny ones (even if it was just because they were so bad!). Did any posts make you happy or angry or sad? Clue us in – we would love to hear!
    Susan Kennedy last wrote about..Is Bigger BetterMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you for popping by! :mrgreen:

    I liked the whole process of the challenge. Yes 100 articles were definitely a lot to read, plus on average about 100 comments on each blog as well!!

    I have enjoyed the whole process and have learned a heap!

    Nice To Meet You!


    Jacinta 😀

  31. Hey Jacinta,
    First I would like to say a big Thank you for all the work you have put in, it has been amazing.
    I really enjoyed my blog hopping, all 101 of them.
    To the people that signed up, but didn’t take part, shame on you.You missed out on 101 backlinks. Ah well if you don’t want backlinks.

    Yes, I think this should be done again.
    Like Sally said, I think it should be more specific. Niches could be seperated, make it more interesting for people in those niches.
    Another idea I had, (might regret this) Video post. Everyone could make a video, upload to you tube then we could all comment on the video. Comment on you tube this time not the blog itself.
    I would even consider setting up a blog just for the videos. Every video would get its own page, with comments below.
    Just an idea.
    Like I said, might regret this.


    Ps. I have fixed the comment problem on my blog, had it set to 50 in settings. Doh!!!
    Pete Carr last wrote about..Your Blogging Toolbox Part 1My Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Pete,

    Oooooh I like the idea of the video post! That would get everyone out of their comfort zone, even me!! 😯

    I did manage to get back to your blog for the comments. It allowed me to see them once I had submitted my new comment to you. It was weird, it happened to me on about 6 blogs. I had to make a new comment just to see the old comments! 😆

    I agree on more niche specific, that has been suggested a couple of times and seems to be a theme here.

    Thank you so much for being an awesome contributor. This has been one amazing ride! Right now I am having a very well earned break!

    See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  32. Hi Jacinta,

    Well, you created a monster alright – albeit a nice one 😉

    As a very late starter I didn’t finish visiting by the due date, which in some ways was sad, as I had come across some really interesting blogs/people, many of which I will be visiting again.

    The comment about everyone starting at the same time obviously gets my vote.

    It was very time consuming but I thought a good post deserved a considered and thoughtful reply, so I like to think I managed that at least.

    Interestingly, Mark Terrell sent his new coaching students off blog hopping at the same time!

    After receiving a few comments, and going up and down your list looking for them, I realised what was happening and gave a comment in return, frequently the first comment ever on their blogs.

    These were real newbies, and we all need a little help especially in the beginning.

    This is a long comment so very well done Jacinta and yes I am up for the next one.Forum – yes.

    PS your traffic rank is looking very healthy! Congrats.
    Dave Whittle last wrote about..Excellent WordPress Training To Help You Become A WordPress Expert!My Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for popping by! Your feedback is very welcome I really appreciate it! 😀

    I agree on everyone starting at the same time. I do think that was a downfall and in hind sight it should have been different as the deadline did cause anxiety for some.

    There were some amazing blogs and people that contributed and the biggest thing I have found is the community spirit that has developed from it.

    I did see Mark’s students going around at the same time. They probably got caught up in the travels as well, although I think Mark gave them a specific list to head to, I am not sure on that one.

    I like the fact that he followed them. That was cool!
    And yes completely agree on helping the newbies. I remember when I was first writing on my first blog. I had no idea what to do say or anything. It is such a learning process that is never ending! 😉

    Re the forum: I am having a chat to Randy about that one. I am a member of his ‘More Monthly’ forum and rather than create a new forum all together I have approached Randy about allowing the challengers to join his and create a section in there where we can all challenge each other and do other types of challenges such as product creation ones etc etc etc.

    I really like Randy’s forum and there are already a few of us in there so it is perfect.

    Re the traffic ranking: Everyone’s traffic has gone down bar a couple of websites. Some of them have plummeted!! Now the trick for everyone is to keep them down and keep the momentum going with what they are doing.

    A good 40% didn’t complete the challenge in time, however I have noticed they are still going around which is really cool. Next time we do the challenge I think it should last a little longer as well. 100 blogs is a lot of blogs to visit and read! 😯

    Thank you for being an awesome contributor, see you on your blog very soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀

  33. I had been out of the country for weeks. Great To visit you again.:)

    My overall experience ….Simply Amazing!

    The challenge had really made me “stretched out” my potential quite a bit, making me went out of my comfort zone and do things in a scale I never thought I could.

    For me, I had kept my heart and mind open throughout the challenge so I have little problems with any of the “hiccups” during the challenge; I am talking about those not-so-ideal scenarios some may take it too serious in my own opinion.

    To start with, it is always easier for the rest of us to criticize the very 1st person who stared something new, right? Just think of the very 1st car ever created in this world, it wouldn’t be as comfort and safe as what we all are driving now.

    This is the very 1st time you organized such event and I believe it is also the very 1st time a lot of the bloggers had blog hop in such a scale. Yes, the rules can always be better defined but someone needs to start something to begin with. It is a learning experience to all of us. so please, take it easy for a while, guys!

    I also wonder, perhaps it is the not so well defined rules and regulations that makes this challenge success, at least it was a very interesting experience for me. Although I do feel we need to better define some game rule (The next time round :)), but will not want the whole thing to be filled with “over dogmatic restrictions” and looses all the fun and energy it should have

    One example is the length of post and comment; I think MODERATION instead of limiting is a better approach. We need to respect the blog owner’s right to express their thoughts in whatever way they want and whether to approve a comment or not. In return they also need to respect the right of their reader whether to comment.

    The fact is some of most valuable info and inspirations I received during this challenge came from post and comment in both long and short passage.

    I love what ElizOF suggested:”…a code of honor for participants where all agree that — your word is your bond — Simply honor what you signed up for or back out early.

    There is nothing to win here, but if one would do “foolish things”, he will loose his online credibility to start with. So I really believe things will pretty much take care by itself. That’s the beauty of Freedom In Internet.

    The principle to withhold at all time will be…self-respect & sound moderation.

    Here’ are a few more of my other brainstorm ideas and thoughts for the next time round…

    – Smaller Scale Mini Challenge
    We can definitely organizes in sets of mini challenge (smaller scale with more focus theme) periodically, perhaps once every 1-3 months with perhaps 30-50 post

    – More Focus Theme or Subject
    I know there are some participants who find it hard to comment on some of the blogs simply because they are not involved or simply have no idea at all about the subject of the post. A more focus subject will at help as we can decide whether we can provide real value or to learn something for that particular subject.

    For each mini challenge, we can focus on a main theme subject, not too narrow, not too wide.

    Example for the internet marketing niche: We can organize a challenge about

    [The 3 most effective traffic generation technique you used, where, when what and the actual result?] Or
    [How you earn your 1st USD500, how long you took, what technique you used…etc.]

    – Going Beyond the IM niche
    I really would not want to focus only the internet marketing niche. I would miss some very valuable blogs if we did that for our 1st challenge. If it is possible, we could expand a bit to other general niche like Team Building, Personal Development, Health…etc. Perhaps we could categorize them in the forum so we can invite more people from more diverse back grounds to join.

    -Selected Niche Organizer and Moderators
    We can have different people with different niche expertise to volunteer to be the organizer plus 2-3 moderators to provide assistance and better organized for each particular challenge

    – Start & End Time
    I think is more practical to set a joined and complete time frame instead of everybody starting together. Example for a 30/30 comments days challenge, we can open the date to join between 1st til 15th of the month, each bloggers will have to complete their challenge 30 days from the time they joined with their new blog post.

    – Motivation
    Having prizes for the challenge is the obvious idea but could become “tricky” if there is something of real value to be won. We may need to come out with a voting system to make it as fair as possible (example 3 vote per person and they cannot vote for their own post or comment.)

    2 ideas on where to get the free prizes:

    Limited Sponsored Prize
    We can open limited space for sponsored prize but will need some kind of qualification on the type of prize people can sponsor (example, no rehash outdated…PLR)

    Feature Top 3 Most Valuable Posts/Comments…etc
    We can set a special blog page that features the winning bloggers with their photos and story as a free publicity.

    I know I suggested the mini challenge approach. But I do feel that the success of this 100 blog challenge is due one very important factor….the good will & fun nature of you Jacinta ( I think you called it “Bimbo”).

    My really hope we can hold the 100post challenge as an annual event as it is, flexible, open minded to celebrate and keep the spirit of good will of the original idea. While the rest more focus mini challenge as a monthly, bi-monthly event.

    Just some of my “2cents” thoughts. Thanks for reading. ?

    Jason Ser

  34. WalterNo Gravatar
    Twitter: lionslinger
    on September 17th, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    I admire your courage in bringing up this challenge. You have given me an inspiration in a way that anything can be done once we put our mind unto it. :-)

  35. Hi Jacinta

    Firstly, thanks for your efforts with organising the 100 Blog Post Challenge. It was a very worthwhile exercise for me for 2 reasons:

    Firstly, I had neglected my blog for a while because I wasn’t sure what direction to take it in and I was working on other sites. Taking part in this challenge gave me an incentive to start blogging again.

    Secondly, because I had neglected my blog, its Alexa ranking was 23,585,236 on 10 August, the day I joined the challenge and made my “sticky” post (a survey). My Alexa ranking today is 980,709! That improvement is 100% due to the challenge as the only activity I engaged in since 10 August is commenting on all the blogs and replying to the 57 comments on my blog (until yesterday when I posted the results of the survey on my blog).

    Regarding improvements, the biggest problem I had was that I found it difficult to comment on some blogs. This could be made easier in 2 ways:

    Firstly, it would be better if all the blogs involved were in the same niche. It would then be easier to comment and this would improve SEO. I guess it would be down to people in different niches to organise their own challenges.

    Secondly, it would be a lot easier to add comments if people wrote a post that encouraged debate in some way, perhaps by asking a question. That’s why I made my post a survey.

    Once again, though, thanks Jacinta. Taking part in your Challenge has helped me a great deal.


    Martyn Boaden last wrote about..The Biggest Challenge Most New Internet Marketers Face – And How You Can Overcome It …My Profile

  36. Barry
    Twitter: barry_wells
    on October 2nd, 2010 at 12:23 am

    Hi Jacinta, here at last.

    I found the challenge an excellent adventure and a huge learning curve. I learnt loads of tips that will help me progress with my blog as well as other aspects of my business. The fact that there was a mix of established and newbie bloggers was fantastic and i felt that most offered value.

    Terry Conti for example; a new blogger that asked a very good, interesting question on a subject that most of us have an opinion on but not an outright answer. By asking the question that he did we were all able to learn from the experienced people that have been there and done it. Not only was Terry able to get a better view but we all were, and that’ll help us in the future.

    In reply to your qustions:
    Should we do it again? Without a doubt, yes we should. For the reasons stated above.

    What would I change about it? Not a lot really, however i do agree that we should submit a new post with relevence to our chosen niches. The amount of blogs was spot on and i would keep it at 101 as well as keeping it to one month.

    What would I improve about it? I would give more notice, maybe a month, so as to allow people to decide if it really is for them or not. It was a commitment that most of us saw through but with many not fulfilling the challenge maybe it was to time consuming for them with their existing commitments. By giving them notice of a month they can reshuffle and work around those commitments. I would also make a rule that while we can mention the challenge within our post, the post itself must be original and not just saying about the challenge.

    Jacinta this is not a reflection of your post, we all needed your post to explain the rules and details of the plugins that were needed to help us in our quest. It’s the ones that basically copied your post, (maybe re-wording it slightly) onto their blogs that we need to do away with.

    I would also agree with ElizOF and Jason …”a code of honor for participants where we all agree that — your word is your bond — Simply honor what you signed up for or back out early.”

    What suggestions for making it more fun and inspiring? If learning from experienced people, gaining knowledge, bringing traffic to our blogs and meeting new people doesn’t give people inspiration then i don’t know what else would.

    Motivation type stuff Maybe Thu could make another image of a golden badge for those that complete the challenge to display on their blogs. If it could be made secure so others couldn’t just copy it as some did with the previous images that Thu kindly put together for us.

    In addition: As you know Jacinta I also put a page on my blog to help promote the challenge and inform people of the plugins needed. What i’m thinking of doing with the page is dividing the page into 2 sections: Top section for those that completed the challenge, where i’ll amend their links to their home pages so as to keep them current at all times. The bottom section would be the people that didn’t complete the challenge, with all links removed. I realise that there may be some that couldn’t complete the challenge for a very good reason so may include a mid section for them.

    Just a thought!

    All in all Jacinta it was great and i would do it all again without hesitation.

    Take good care,
    R&R Barry
    Barry@The Newbies Guide last wrote about..The Newbies Guide Part 11- Plus A Gift- A Guide and A VideoMy Profile

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Barry,

    Absolutely awesome feedback!

    I think we might have this particular challenge on a yearly event and then have little challenges in between.

    Will keep you posted!


    Jacinta 😀

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Barry,

    Re the page to the contributors. At the moment I have left it as is. I have tallied up all the results. There were @60 people in total that commented on over 50 blogs. 45 of them commented on 70 blogs or more. Only 20 people actually commented on 90 blogs or more.

    I think people dropped off for numerous reasons, some didn’t realise the commitment involved, some had family and life issues occur, others chose to drop off.

    The other problem was not everyone’s comments went through. Some went to spam, some people weren’t even updating their blog.

    So from a results point of view it is hard to pin point the exact figures. so instead I have averages eg How many commented between 1-10, How many between 11-20, etc etc. If you want those results let me know.

    I am writing them in a spread sheet. I am about halfway through.

    Hope all is good.


    Jacinta 😀

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Just to add,

    Re the averages, these are the comments that have appeared. as you go around you will see that not everyone has updated.

    I did the last tally of results around the 15th of September so any comments from people that have appeared on people’s blog posts after that I have not tallied.

    I do know that some of those that didn’t complete the challenge in time were still going around and visiting.

    Hope that helps.


    Jacinta 😀

  37. Hey Jacinta
    Sorry for the delayed feedback. Thank you to you and everyone else that put the challenge together you did an amazing job!
    I did my best to make sure that I commented on everyone’s blog however when I came across a problem I would only make a few atempts then move to the next. One thing that I found that it was sometimes difficult to keep track of which number I was up to when leaving comments, probably should have just kept a written record. No doubt my comments have already been covered I think you should limit the number of words,reading 3,000 words on one blog is hard going. I think selling should not be allowed.Some people didnt have any content so it was difficult to comment. On the other hand some posts were very informative. People in the group were very friendly to outsiders like me as most people seemed to know each other through the masterclass. Over all a fantastic result and I really appreciate all the work that you put into it.

    JacintaNo Gravatar
    Twitter: JacintaDean

    Hi Stan,

    Thank you for popping by! :mrgreen:

    You were one of the 20 that actually commented on just about all of the posts!! 😀 Give or take one or 2 that may have not been updated.

    Thank you so much for the feedback I really really appreciate it. It was actually around 30% masterclass and the rest were from outside, which was awesome.

    I completely agree on the 3,000 word posts. I got lost quite a few times when I was doing my rounds, however overall I think everything went well and hopefully we will do this again next year!

    Hope all is going well for you. See you on your blog soon! 😎


    Jacinta 😀